September 24, 2023

The Republic of Türkiye ranks 9th in the world in hydropower with 31.5 Gigawatt installed capacity, generating over 30 per cent of electricity. This piece will focus on the Turkish

Canada ranks 10th in wind energy capacity with 14.4 Gigawatt producing 36.19 Terawatt-hours of electricity, accounting for 6.2 % of total consumption. This article will discuss wind energy in Canada

Iceland is in the 10th position in geothermal energy with 754 Megawatt installed capacity generating 5,916 Gigawatt hours of electricity. This article will explore the Icelandic government’s aspirations and approach

China, the world’s largest carbon emitter, is now looking into carbon capture utilisation and storage technologies to reduce emissions and attain carbon neutrality in the future. Keeping this in mind,

India stands at the fourth spot in solar power with an installed capacity of 67 Gigawatt. This piece will focus on the Indian government’s ambition concerning solar energy, five solar

France is 8th in wind energy with 18.7 Gigawatt installed capacity, producing 36.8 Terawatt-hours of electricity annually, contributing 7.8 per cent of total electricity generated. This article will discuss wind