December 4, 2023

The Dutch government has its eyes set on achieving net zero emissions by mid-century, and it is promoting carbon capture and storage projects along with renewable energy projects to ensure

The United Kingdom is in 12th position in solar energy generation with an installed capacity of 15 Gigawatt as of 2023. This piece will focus on the ambition and strategy,

Spain’s cumulative Hydropower capacity is 20.4 Gigawatt as of 2023, accounting for 9.5 per cent of total electricity. This article will centre on the government’s aspirations and tactics, forthcoming hydropower

The cumulative installed wind energy capacity is 7,413 Megawatt as of 2024, generating about 6 per cent of total electricity generation. This piece will focus on the ambition and strategy,

El Salvador, a country with immense geothermal energy potential, seeks to tap the energy source for its needs and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to ensure a sustainable future.

India is third in carbon emissions after China and the United States, accounting for 7 % of the world’s carbon emissions. It intends to attain carbon neutrality by 2070. During