Vietnam is in the 9th position in solar energy with a 17.6 Gigawatt installed capacity as of 2021. Solar power accounted for 11 % of total electricity demand in 2022.

As of 2022, France holds the 10th position globally in hydropower, boasting an installed capacity of 25.9 gigawatts. This piece will centre on the French government’s aspirations concerning hydropower and

Italy is in 10th position in wind power with 12.7 Gigawatt installed capacity, generating 7 % of total power generation in 2021. This article will discuss wind energy in Italy

Japan is 10th in the world in geothermal energy, with 540 Megawatt installed capacity as of 2022, generating 0.3 of total electricity. This article will explore the Japanese government’s aspirations

Japan depends heavily on fossil fuels and is in the middle of an energy transition. The country aims to diminish its carbon emissions by transitioning to sustainable energy sources and

South Korea stands in 8th position in solar energy capacity with 18,161 Megawatts as of 2021. This piece will focus on the South Korean government’s ambition concerning solar energy, five