As of 2022, France holds the 10th position globally in hydropower, boasting an installed capacity of 25.9 gigawatts. This piece will centre on the French government’s aspirations concerning hydropower and

The Republic of Türkiye ranks 9th in the world in hydropower with 31.5 Gigawatt installed capacity, generating over 30 per cent of electricity. This piece will focus on the Turkish

Japan ranks 8th in hydroelectric generation, with a 50 gigawatt capacity generating 8 per cent of total power generation in 2022. This piece will focus on the Japanese government’s ambition

Norway is in the seventh position in hydropower capacity with 34,118 Megawatt, and hydropower accounts for 88 per cent of electricity generated in the country. This piece will focus on

This article will discuss hydropower in America and investigate the ambitions & strategy, and challenges behind wind energy. It will also shed light on the key players and the projects

India has 46,850 Megawatt in hydropower capacity, generating 11.2 per cent of electricity produced annually as of 31st May 2023. Hydropower will be crucial to boost the share of renewable