India has 46,850 Megawatt in hydropower capacity, generating 11.2 per cent of electricity produced annually as of 31st May 2023. Hydropower will be crucial to boost the share of renewable

This article will discuss hydropower in China, the world&’s second-largest economy. Investigate the ambitions and strategy of the Chinese government and shed light on key projects of interest and the

This article will discuss hydropower in Brazil and investigate the ambitions & strategy, and challenges behind the deployment of hydropower. It will also shed light on the biggest hydropower plants

Canada stands at the fourth spot in hydropower installed capacity with 82 Gigawatts. Hydropower is the leading source of electricity generation, with 59.3 per cent generated from this renewable energy

Russia has made significant strides in hydropower development, boasting an installed capacity of over 50 gigawatts. Approximately 19% of its power generation needs are through this sustainable and renewable source.