geothermal power

El Salvador, a country with immense geothermal energy potential, seeks to tap the energy source for its needs and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to ensure a sustainable future.

Japan is 10th in the world in geothermal energy, with 540 Megawatt installed capacity as of 2022, generating 0.3 of total electricity. This article will explore the Japanese government’s aspirations

Iceland is in the 10th position in geothermal energy with 754 Megawatt installed capacity generating 5,916 Gigawatt hours of electricity. This article will explore the Icelandic government’s aspirations and approach

Italy is the world’s 8th largest country in geothermal power capacity, with 1100 Megawatt generating about six terawatt hours of energy annually. This article will explore the Italian government’s aspirations

Kenya currently ranks as the 7th largest geothermal power user, with plans to nearly double its capacity by 2030. Upon the successful completion of these projects, Kenya is to ascend

This article will discuss geothermal power, dealing with the Indonesian government’s ambition and strategy, key projects and key players in the country. It will also shed light on the challenges